How to use Shortfill E-Liquids with Nicotine Shots

Shortfill vape juice with nicotine shot

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So you want a higher concentration of nicotine in your e-liquid or you simply prefer to have a bigger bottle of juice with your desired nicotine strength rather than what the government’s TPD regulations allow retailers to sell you? Then shortfill e-liquid is probably the best way to go.

What is Shortfill Vape Juice?

Shortfills make it easy for vapers to adjust the nicotine concentration of their e-liquid by adding the required nicotine shots. Since the UK government changed the way that e-liquid can be sold in the UK (See the TPD regulations here), shortfills have quickly become a popular workaround.

A shortfill is a bottle of e-liquid that’s not filled right to the top. The reason they’re filled short is so vapers can simply add their desired nicotine to them, give them a quick shake to mix the nicotine with the juice, and in no time at all, you have a bottle of e-liquid with the exact nicotine concentration you require.

Examples of shortfill vape juice

Shortfills are nicotine-free as they are designed to have their nicotine added later by the user.

A typical 100ml shortfill will contain 100ml of vape juice in a 120ml bottle, leaving 20ml space in the bottle for vapers to add their nicotine shots.

What VG/PG Ratio Do I Need For My Shortfill?

The concentration of VG to PG of your nic shots should generally be similar to that of the e-liquid you’re adding it to. However if you are using a device that works well with a higher concentration of VG to PG but you have a 50:50 shortfill, you could look at adding 100% VG nicotine shots to thicken it up slightly.

Make sure that there’s enough room in your bottle to accommodate your nic shots before adding them. Don’t forget to give the bottle a good shake after adding your required nic shots.

The below image shows the amount of nicotine required to achieve the strengths. This is based on using 18mg nicotine shots.

Credit: vapable.com

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